Adventure Games

This dark but exciting game blew up the internet after its release. The mystical story of a boy with a mask has lots of secrets and interesting plot twists. Time to immerse yourself into this mystery atmosphere and solve riddles with the main characters.

The story of Sally Face

This boy unexpectedly came to the Addison Apartments with his father. Right after the tragic incident with their neighbor. The apartments are full of different people. But our main hero quickly finds good friends and even begins the investigation to discover what happened to this poor lady. But how did he end up in this place?

The backstory of this boy is sad. He lost his mother in an accident with a dog. And from that time he has scars from the neck to the forehead. That’s why he always wears a mask. It’s a prosthesis that helps him cover the scars. So together with his dad they decided to start a new life and moved to this place.

But they didn’t realize how many strange things would happen to them in this building. First, the main character will meet all the heroes and make new friends. Then, he will discover the scary secrets the residents of this building are hiding. And this brave team will try to reveal the truth and save everyone.

Complete fascinating quests

You play this average boy in a prosthesis. Sally Face is a nickname the kids gave him in his previous school. But he decided to keep it, as it suits him very well. He doesn’t have super powers or even guns and grenades. He will solve the jigsaws with his intelligence and your help. So let’s begin the first episode.

The entire walkthrough is divided into episodes. In every chapter you need to solve a riddle by communicating with other people and completing quests. This is the typical point-and-click project with lots of interesting quests. You need to explore the locations, search for useful items and speak to people wandering around.

Click on various things you find, try to discover the places where you can use them. Get help from your friends. Chat with your neighbors and other people. And participate in various plot scenes. While you play, you can discover the stories of many personages and this place. This way you can hear interesting and shocking information.

Reach the final. Discover what is going in the basement of these apartments. And how the demon is involved in their life. Find out how this story will end. Enjoy the walkthrough on this site!