Adventure Games

Meet the boy with a strange nickname Sally Face and help him in his investigations. Together with his friends you create a team. And nothing won’t stop your squad on the path to the truth. Except maybe, a couple of demons.

The first chapter

The game begins when a boy in the mask comes to an Addison Apartments. He comes with his father to this place, and immediately finds himself in the center of all events. Turns out, the lady from the next door is dead. And nobody knows the reason.

But the boy who lives on another floor with his mother has some suspicions. You quickly become friends and begin your investigation. During the entire chapter you will talk with all the neighbors and search for the evidence. Your main aim is to find the murderer. So turn on your deduction, and let’s go!

The controls are pretty simple. Click on the things you need and pick them up. Use them in the right places later. Discover everything you need to know by speaking to people you meet during your journey. And complete quests you have. And your friends will help you in the process!

What happened in this place?

So in Sally Face everything is connected. And our four main characters need to discover the reason. Everything began from an accident. The boy lost his mother and received lots of scars. Now he needs to hide them under the mask. That’s why they moved to this building with his father. And later you will return to this accident.

The next chapter begins in the school. There you become detectives again. The food there tastes differently. Time to discover why the cook changed her recipe. Sneak into her house and explore it. Don’t let this woman see you. And be prepared. Because the answer will definitely surprise you.

You have to reveal the truth that stands behind these events. Because something strange is happening in this building and its basement. But you will also live the life of an average boy. And in the latest chapters you can even discover what happened to the main heroes after they graduated from the school.

Complete the game and get to the end. Solve all the jigsaws and have fun with these little detectives. But remember that this is a horror. So be ready to meet the demons!