Adventure Games

The second part of this thrilling point-and-click game is on your screens. Let’s discover what adventures are waiting for Sally Face and his friends! Immerse yourself into this atmosphere again and solve all the mysteries.

Who is the main character?

This guy is an average boy with a mask on his face. Before he and his father moved to this place, they lived far away with their mother. But one day, the poor boy lost his mom due to a sad accident. Because of the dog in the park, he also needs to wear this mask. It helps him cover his scars.

So they came to this little town and picked Addison Apartments. They didn’t know what people were living here. And turns out, a couple of days ago a strange incident happened in this building. Now the victim is their neighbor. Not to mention that weird things will happen every time.

But this complex has lots of good people too. The boy quickly found new friends. They even saw his head under the mask. And together they play detectives and solve crimes. In this game you will help them in their investigations. But be ready, because the things you will discover can shock you.

Complete quests together!

You begin from the first episode and move forward to the final. Every episode starts with a certain mystery you need to solve. For example, once the kids noticed that their food in school has a strange taste. They immediately knew something was wrong. To discover the reason, they need to sneak into the cook house.

You need to explore the locations you come to. Speak with people there and receive useful information. Pick the items you need and apply them in the necessary places. Move around and return to the locations again. Discover how everything changes in these places. And find the truth at the end of the episode.

But you will also become a part of their life. While you play, the main hero grows up. He falls in love, loses friends. And he uncovers the truth that was hidden for a long period of time. Including the truth about the strange organization doing rituals in the basement of this building.

Sally Face is an interesting story about friendship, love and demons. Reach the final and save this place from its horrifying fate!