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Sally Face Game Online Free

Sally Face is a dark and interesting project in the point-and-click genre. Here you will solve riddles, complete tasks and reveal the scary truth about the characters of this game. So play right now to quickly meet the main characters!

The new home

The game begins when a boy and his father move to the Addison Apartments. Different people live in this big building. And everyone knows his neighbors. So the news about the new residents quickly spread around the complex. That’s the reason the main hero found his first friend in this building.

At this time they didn’t even think about the secrets they would need to reveal in the future. The main character found two more friends. Together they go to the same school and play detectives. You may think it isn’t a serious activity. But they know for sure that strange things are happening in this place.

And they will do everything to find the truth! Together with them, you will try to uncover all the secrets. And be sure, this place contains lots of scary things. The basement has a place for the strange rituals. And the residents of these apartments aren’t as simple as you think.

What happened to this little boy?

His story began from his childhood. One sunny day their family went on a picnic. There the sad accident happened. Because of the dog the boy lost his mother. And everything above his chin is covered in scars. That’s why he needs to wear his prosthesis – a special mask.

During the game you slowly discover how the incident in this park is connected with their new house. Because this story is definitely not a coincidence. You will become a part of his life for a long period of time. Because the walkthrough consists of episodes you need to complete.

In the beginning you enjoy the school life of the teens. They go on adventures, fall in love and solve crimes. But lately, you play as an adult. And the gameplay becomes more serious and interesting. So how can you complete your quests?

Explore the locations and solve jigsaws

Despite this product being a horror, you won’t walk by dark scary dungeons surrounded by monsters. Every episode begins with a certain story. You discover a quest you have to pass. Reveal what happened to your neighbor. Discover the reason the food in your school tastes bad.

To complete your mission, you need to communicate with people and explore locations you come to. Sometimes you return to these places to see what happened here. Search for the useful items and clues that will lead you to the answer.

The controls are pretty simple. Whether you enjoy the walkthrough on pc or other devices, you will quickly figure everything out. Just walk around, click on different objects and pick them up. Then, apply in the necessary places and chat with people. If you are lost on the level, turn on hacks and find your next steps. Reach the final and discover the truth!

This thrilling product is waiting for you on this site. So pick the version you like the most, press the start button and immerse yourself into this dark atmosphere!